The Most Wanted Programming Skills for Today's IT Business Solutions

Programming is the essential skill for every IT professional. Programming skills are categorized by the computer languages. Therefore, the value of programming skills depends on the use and popularity of programming languages.

The most wanted programming skills come with the languages that are widely used in today’s business solution developments. These language-based skills are Java/J2EE skill, SQL skill, C/C++ skill, Visual Basic (VB) skill, JSP skill, ASP skill, XML skill, C# skill, Perl skill, and PHP skill.

1. Java/J2EE

Programming with Java on J2EE platform is one of the hottest skills in today’s IT arena. More and more business solutions are built on web-based systems powered by Java/J2EE. Successful Java programmers not only know how to code Java language, but also master J2EE architecture and APIs.

2. SQL

No business solution could work without database. SQL is the language to use in almost all databases. SQL programming skill is a must for all IT professionals, especially database programmers and solution developers. In addition to basic SQL programming skill, you should also master vendor-based SQL extensions - SQL in Oracle, IBM DB2, and Microsoft SQLServer.

3. C/C++

C and C++ are the most powerful languages for developing sophisticated information systems. C/C++ programming is the premium skill with high and long lasting value because C++ is completed and hard to learn. Although Java has become more favorable, C/C++ programming skill is still in high demand for both existing system maintenance and new development.

4. Visual Basic

Business application development with Microsoft Visual Basic is fast and easy, that makes Visual Basic popular and VB skill hot. The new version, Visual Basic .NET, is fully object-oriented and shares the same development environment with other tools in the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET suite. As Microsoft .NET platform moves forward, Visual Basic .NET programming skill will be increasingly needed.

5. JSP

Java Server Page (JAP) is used for data presentation in all J2EE based application servers - IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, Oracle AS, Sybase EAServer, Apache Tomcat, and more. JSP programming skill is required for all IT professionals who build J2EE based business solutions.

6. ASP

Active Server Page (ASP) is language to develop web applications in Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). ASP is used for data presentation and business logic processing. The new version, ASP .NET, is part of the Microsoft .NET framework powered by Visual Studio .NET.

7. XML

XML is a markup language for documents containing structured information. Because XML is the foundation of web services, XML skill becomes hot when web services implementation comes to the stage.

8. C#

C# is Microsoft’s primary language for .NET framework. New development tool for C#, Visual C# .NET is included in Visual Studio .NET suite. C# has several advantages over C++ and Java. C# programming skill is becoming hot as businesses start to implement .NET based solutions.

9. Perl

Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language) programming skill is in demand mainly in two areas: (1) UNIX operating system administration, and (2) web server CGI. Although CGI may be replaced by JSP and ASP in enterprise web solutions, Perl CGI programming skill is still wanted for mid-market web servers and portal sites. The need for Perl programming in UNIX will stay high.

10. PHP

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a sever side scripting language for web development. PHP programming skill is needed to build dynamic websites, web portals, and database-driven web applications. The skill of PHP with MySQL database is very valuable.

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