Why Are You looking for a New Job?

Interviewers may ask similar questions like,
“What’s happening with your current job?”
“Why do you want to leave your current employer?”

In reality, there could be many reasons.  You are bored, you are not satisfied with current pay, you hate their bosses, you are let go.  No matter what is happening with your current job, however, you must always give a positive answer.  Never say anything nasty about your boss and the company.

What is you tell the truth?  For instance, I want to leave the company because my egomaniac boss is jerk.  He always took credit for all of your hard work and verbally abused you in front of others.  Well, don’t expect interviewers stand on your side.  They won’t believe you.  Instead, they think you have problems with management, you don’t get along with others, and you may be a troublemaker.
So, don’t complain anyone or anything.  Focus your answer on the positive side.  You are looking for career advancement opportunities and new challenges when they apply for a job.  This is always true.

Suggested Answer Examples:

“Starting as a programmer, I’ve worked with Altec Software for six years.  During that time I’ve achieved my career goal to become a senior software engineer.  I really enjoy working with people in Altec Software, but I’m looking for new challenges in enterprise architecture area.  I strongly believe I can contribute my software engineering experience to the service oriented architecture project in your company.”

“I’m planning to change my career path.   Having been a helpdesk technician for 3 years, I’d like to broaden my career to network administration.  On my current job I have built hands-on skills in network troubleshooting, I feel that your company will give me that opportunity and allow
me to use my skills to contribute in different ways than I have in the past. ”

“I am working with a small IT service company where we have a very friendly work environment.  My manager and I both agreed that my advancement opportunities are limited there due to the size of our company.  I believe obtaining another position is the best option for me and my career goals.”

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