What Database Design Experience Do You Have?

Database design questions are always asked in job interviews for DBAs, database analysts, and database developers. To make interviewers happy, your answer must cover all phases of database design: analysis of business entities, data modeling, build ERD, logical database design, and physical database design. You may also mention the scope of the database, such as number of entities and tables, the size of database, etc. and tell what database design tools you have used.

Suggested answer:

“I have 6 years of database design experience mainly with Oracle database and have been involved in over 10 database design projects. In these projects I’ve worked on analysis of business entities and data modeling, creating entity relationship diagrams, design the logical database such as converting entities and attributes into table and columns. I also worked a lot on designing the physical database such as analyzing storage usage and performance, designing tablespace and table partition, writing SQL scripts to create database objects like tables, views, and indexes. One of the databases I designed is for a Federal agency’s employee activity tracking system; it contains over 200 tables, about 50 views, and more than 150 indexes on an Oracle server in UNIX platform. I used Oracle Designer to assist most of my database design tasks.”

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