Senior Information System Analyst Second Interview Questions

A government agency funded a 3-year project for data integration/consolidation among several agencies. A couple of Information System Analyst positions were planned to be filled for this project. After the initial interview, selected candidates scheduled for the second interview. The following questions were asked in the second interview.

Rate your skills on a 1 to 10 scale, with ten being the highest.

Note: Give a rank 8 or above all key skills and at least above 5 for all asked skills. When explain why, emphasis your experience and accomplishments in previous jobs.

1. Please rate your Interpersonal Skills. Why?

2. Please rate your Writing skills. Why?

3. Please rate your PL/SQL development skills. Why?

4. Please rate your knowledge of Oracle. Why?

5. Please rate your database design skills. Why?

6. How confident are you that you can learn an ERP and become highly skilled in it? What is your approach to learn a new software or system?

Basically tell how have you acquired new skills successful in the past. Answer with enthusiasm, give examples, say something like, “In my last job, I knew nothing about Siebel on the first day to work, but I spent a lot of time to learn the system and read all the manuals during weekend. After a week, I was able to develop new applets and business components in the system.”

7. How do you lead the effort to plan and jump-start a new IT project?

Describe the eerily phases of project management, such as analysis, build use case, documentation, don’t forget the mention that you always want to spend to time to get to know stack holders, customers, and clients and build good relationship with all parties involved in the project, and understand their needs, …

8. How do you resolve conflicts and issues when there is a disagreement among different parties involved in the project?

First analyze what is the disagreement and what’s behind it. communicate with all parties and provide an environment to let them understand each other. Have a specification review, have an open discussion, there are many way to resolve conflicts and reach agreements.

9. Based on your experience, please describe 3 factors that are the most critical to the success of an IT project?

This question has open answer. In general, to make a successful project you need to (1) have a good team to cover all functionalities through the project lifecycle, — analysis, design, development, testing, project management, IV&V, etc., (2) support and understanding from upper management, which means continuing communication with managements through the project, and (3) implementing the right technology for the project, — considering robustness of the technology, available resources for implementing the technology, and cost of ownership.

10. If you have completed all of your tasks in daily work, what would you do?

Think of what your employers expect you to do. Helps other team members, get additional tasks for the project, documentation, looking for improvements, learning new technologies, self-training, etc.

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