Please Tell Us about Yourself

You cannot miss this one, as one of the most common interview questions, it is usually the first one.  In fact, this is the most critical question because what you answer will set the tone for the rest of the interview. Think it’s easy question?  It is easy to talk about yourself, but many interviewees fail to provide an impressive answer.  You can do better though, if you spend enough time to prepare.  It worth the time to prepare a killer answer.

It is such a good opportunity to sell yourself, and it may be the only chance that you can control the approach to make a sales presentation.  So I’d better prepare a impressive speech.  If you do it well on this one, you are half way to win the job.

What could be the best answer?  The best answer is what interviewers want to hear.  So that you should craft your answer around the interviewer’s perspective.  In general, your answer should focus on expected skills and required qualifications.  You don’t have to provide information outside of the job.

Alternatively interviewers may ask the same question like:

“Tell us about you education and experience?”

“Tell us how your skills and education that you think qualifies you for this position?”

Usually you should start your answer with your current or latest position.  You may also start with your education background if it is required or you have highly relevant and impressive degree.  You must give a concise summary of your relevant experience and accomplishments.  Before interview you should have prepared a list of your strongest selling points that are relevant to this position, — specific skills required for this job, successful projects similar to what the new employer plans to do, hard-working, team leader, etc.  Then through the answer you can present these selling points.  In the end you should conclude with your current situation.  You can craft a good answer and deliver it in interview within 2 – 3 minutes.  Here’s a sample answer:

Sample answer:

“With a Master’s degree in Computer Science from U.S. Berkley, I have been in IT industry for 4 years. I’ve gained extensive experience in all aspects of software engineering, including software design, systems architecture, application programming, and QA testing.  Currently I’m a software engineer with ADMSoft and have worked on several software development projects for our clients.  As the lead developer, I designed and developed a web-based food processing management system for RedFields Producers  to help the company increase productivity by 30%.  I’m skilled in the latest techniques such as web services and SOA, proficient with the new languages like C# and Rudy on Rail.  I’m always focused on building robust software systems to meet our customer’s needs.  One of my major strengths is that I work very hard and continually look for ways to provide the highest quality products and services while reducing the time and costs to complete the project.  I am self-motivated and enjoy working in a team environment. I’m looking for an opportunity to work for a growing company where I can contribute my hands-on experience and grow my career with the company.  By some research I found that yours is the type of companies I really want to work with.”

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