Network Administrator Resume Guideline and Example

Network administrators install, configure, and manage computer network systems within an organization.  Common tasks include network system planning and design, network software and hardware upgrading, network performance tuning, network connection trouble shooting, file system backup and restore, mail server management, and end user support.  A good network administrator candidate should be able to demonstrate most of the skills described above.

To make your resume stand out, you need to present knowledge and experience with emphases on a specific system what is the job's network environment (Windows, Unix, NetWare, etc).  In general, you should try to present the following skills and experience in resume:
  1. Operating systems (Windows, Unix, Linux, NetWare, etc)
  2. Server hardware, network wiring and devices (switches, routers, hubs, etc)
  3. Network planning and design
  4. Network software setup, upgrade, configuration
  5. Network protocols (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, etc)
  6. Network security
  7. Network integration with database and application systems
  8. Network monitoring and performance tuning
  9. Network troubleshooting (connection, authentication, etc.)
  10. Internet and email systems management
Sometimes network administrators are required to perform some system administrator duties such as storage management, file server backup and recovery, configuration of clusters and grid computing.  Some positions may expect skills in wireless network and mobile computing.

The following network administrator resume example presents expertise in Microsoft platform.

 Network Administrator Resume Sample

Walter T. Smith
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

• Extensive experience in network administration with Microsoft 2000 and XP server platform and Unix server environment.
• In-depth knowledge and experience in enterprise network systems planning, design, configuration, and management.
• Effective network troubleshooting and problem solving skills with software, server, and hardware devices.
• Solid skills in network integration with database systems, web server, application server, and desktop applications.
• Experience in network security and firewall configuration.
• Strong interpersonal communication skills and user support experience.


Network Administrator  5/2000 – Present
Ohio Valley Regional Planning Council, Belpre, OH

• Planned and designed the organization's LAN network expansion.  Upgraded and configured Microsoft Window server and installed network routers, cabling,  and firewall.
• Responsible for network management including network performance tuning, security monitoring, file server backup, and email server administration.
• Worked with the management team to develop security policies and conducted network systems security auditing.
• Provide technical support for application systems integration with database server and application.

PC Support Technician   9/1998 – 5/2000
Ohio Valley Computer Services, Belpre , OH

• Provided on-site technical support for end users' PC and network in city and county government agencies. 
• Responsible for operating system and desktop software installation, PC upgrading,  and network troubleshooting.
• Worked on a project for planning and implementing TCP/IP network for Wood County's Child Support Agency.


• Windows NT, 2000, and XP server, active directory, and IIS.
• Sun Unix, Linux, and Novell NetWare.
• Network cabling and hardware testing.
• Microsoft Outlook 2000 and Microsoft Office Suite.
• Visual Basic, VBScript, Perl, SQL


• MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
• MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional

• Oracle Server Performance Tuning - Oracle University

• B.S. in Chemistry, Ohio University, Anthen, OH  


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