How Do You Resolve Disputes And Handle Conflicts With Coworkers?

Are you responsible, mature, and capable of handling conflicts in the work? If so, you may get the job. So answer what your employer wants to hear. Tell a story about a dispute or conflict you had with a co-worker and how you resolved it in a positive way.

Don’t say you are so good with people and never have to handle conflicts. They don’t believe you.

Sample Answer:

“In dealing with conflicts or disagreements, I always listen carefully and try to understand my coworker’s perspective. It’s important to remain calm, which prevents arguments from escalating. Keeping an open mind, I present my side of the issue and listen to my coworker’s side. Usually we can come up with a compromise that we both agree on. If this doesn’t work I will suggest we get a third opinion, either from another coworker or the boss, to help resolve the issue. In my last job a coworker and I disagreed on the best way to create a automatic data migration procedure for our interface process. She wanted to acquire an expensive commercial software package; I wanted to develop a customized in-house scripting program which is a much cheaper. There were pros and cons to both, which we wrote down and discussed. In the end, we agreed on implementing a free open source data migration application with a little customized scripting configuration, which save us money and meet our need very well.”

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