Top 10 IT Consulting Companies

Giant consulting companies provide IT outsourcing, enterprise integration, and technology services. That's where technical professionals from all over the world are hired to work on IT projects for global companies across all industrial sectors. IT consulting firms offer tremendous job opportunities, and it is relatively easy to break in. The following top 10 IT consulting firm list is provided for you to learn IT consulting services and relevant job opportunities.

Top 10 Database Systems

Database is the backbone of today's business. To IT professionals, database is a big deal of job success. No matter what you do in IT, sufficient database skills are required. There are varieties of database choices to run your business, from clustered enterprise servers to compacted desktop database applications. For a successful database implementation, the first step is to choose the database system for the business. Similarly, an individual worker needs to choose the right database for skill development in order to maximize professional value and career advancement. The following list reveals the most powerful database systems which empower today's enterprise businesses around the world.

How to Get More Than a Beginner's Salary

The other day, I received this question on our Expert forum.

“I am in a situation where I have studied communication, got a distinction for my final year … its been 3 yrs and I have landed in so many unrelated jobs that I beginning to think that I will never work in communications … how can I get there and not be paid a beginners salary??”

Data Warehousing Lifecycle Interview Questions

Can you describe data warehousing lifecycle?
Tell us what you know about data warehousing lifecycle?
What are the processes and phases in data warehousing lifecycle?

As the heat-up of big data, data warehousing jobs are opening everywhere. To get the highly-demanding job, you must demonstrate solid knowledge and experience during the job interview. Those asked above are fundamental questions to test your knowledge of data warehousing. To answer the questions, you just need to briefly explain each phase of the lifecycle.

Using Strong Action Words to Craft High-Impact IT Resumes

Most IT professionals don't have perfect writing skills on professional level.  It's just fine if you don't.  That doesn't mean you have to depend on professional resume writers to craft your resume.  No matter what level of writing skills you are, by following certain rules, you can craft high impact IT resumes to optimize your marketability. 

One of the important rules is to use action words.  Action words empower your resume by increasing your creditability.  When you describe your skills and experience as an past action, it sounds more like a true story, -- something really happened, thus your self-claimed experience gets transformed into proven experience, that makes your qualification more creditable and trustable.  Resumes packed with tons of actions words always deliver persuading power.

The 10-Step Resume Critique

Your resume will generally receive a 15- to 30-second scan upon first review by an employer. With that in mind, it is critical that your resume -- your "paper handshake" -- makes a positive first impression and compels the reader to put your resume in the "yes" pile and possibly call you in for an interview.

Before you circulate your resume, you will want to ensure it incorporates the basic characteristics of a powerful, interview-generating resume. When evaluating your resume you can follow the same basic steps as professional resume writers. This will increase the chances not only of having it placed into that "yes" pile, but also of helping it rise to the top of the stack.

The Seven Habits of Successful IT Professionals

We are living in a fast-paced changing world. The career field in information technology is extremely dynamic. It’s a tough market out there.  IT professionals are facing ever bigger challenges on daily bases, - searching for new jobs, safeguarding current positions, acquiring new skills, keeping up with business and management expectations, fighting layoff, getting promotions, advancing career growth, and more. An essential approach to achieving career goals is to adapt effective work habits. Once you cultivated such habits, you could gain the exceptional competitive edge in this highly competitive battleground. Now you need to check out the seven habits of successful professionals and learn how to succeed in IT careers.

What Not to Say in Job Interview

Without a doubt, landing your dream job takes a lot of effort. From researching and applying for jobs to resume updating and finally landing an interview, a lot of hard work goes into being ready for your big moment. You've put in the time to rehearse and know what you're going to say, now it's time for your interview. But what if you've rehearsed too much? Even if your resume is a star, if you come off sounding like a robot or lack real feeling in your answers, you could end up missing out on a great opportunity. In this article, Glassdoor has identified eight lines you should avoid using in your next job interview, as well as what you should say instead.

A State Job Is Perfect for Mid-Age IT Professionals

I have dozen of friends who work as public employees on state IT jobs, — programmers, DBA, system admin, analyst, etc. They tell me the same thing: State jobs are easy, light work load, flexible schedule, and most important, their jobs are protected by the union, — the Service Employee International Union (SEIU) is one of the strongest, toughest unions in the whole world.

A great benefit of state job is the defined benefit (DB) pension plan, that’s rare nowadays. You may have heard in news that many corporate pension plans have been converted to defined contribution (DC) plan, not good. However, even the DB pension in public sectors may not stay forever. CalPear, the California state’s DB pension plan may not be available for new state employees after 2008. If you want the take the last chance to get into the last a few DB pension plans in human history, then go ahead to get a state job.

Java versus C#.NET from Developers Viewpoint

Java or C#.NET, that’s an endless debate. Can you have both? that’s NOT a good idea because it is not necessary, and you cannot afford it. Project managers always debate the merits of one over the other in new architecture design and upgraded system implementations. It’s very odd to see a project being built on both technologies.

Programmers and developers want to become proficient on one of the technologies to enhance their value in job market when they look for new jobs or move up within their own organizations. A developer can learn both but it’s better to focus on one to become the highly valued expert. So, which one is good for you? keep reading and hopefully you’ll get the answer.